Making payments in Memberment is very easy. These are the steps to pay one time:

  1. Login to Memberment on the web at
  2. Click the "Payments" link
  3. Click "Make a Payment" in the upper right of the screen
  4. Choose a single payment
  5. Fill in the fields listed on screen
  6. Click Next to add a payment method
  7. Click Next to confirm and then "Submit Payment" to finalize the process

If your card or ACH/e-check is successful, then you'll receive a confirmation message and receipt. If the transaction is denied, then you'll know immediately and have a chance to make changes.  Memberment does not store your credit card or e-check details. All communication between our systems and the payment processor is encrypted.

If you'd like to set up a recurring payment, the process is nearly identical with the exception of choosing your payment terms. 

Once your payment is successful, you'll also see it reflected in your Payment History. 

If you prefer a video showing you how to pay: